Adams, Danny: “Next August”

We asked them to come, once,
settle with us and share our lives
in peace, and peace is what we’ve known

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Barrette, Elizabeth: “Heaven Spent”

Heaven Spent

by Elizabeth Barrette

What happens to a whore’s guardian angel? Read the rest »

Bergmann, F. J.:”Noon Blue Apples”

In the morning we rose uneasily, when
the sun was a panther’s eye slitted gold,
in a sky spotted with clouds. Someone like
a milkman had left us four tetrahedral
cartons filled with an unattractive purple
fluid. We called fish from the river to swim
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Brown, Ada Milenkovic: “Kafka Respun”

Kafka Respun

by Ada Milenkovic Brown

When Gregor Samsa woke from dream one day
Strange feelings soon assailed within his ken—
Where roaches once on walls had sought to play
Were tiny, writhing, melancholy men.

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Gardner, Lyn C. A.: The Dispossessed

It takes years to build a viable human
Even under the best of circumstances.
Years spent growing, learning,
Your own mistakes and others’.
Years in the labs, analysis, test subjects,
Copy after copy indistinct,
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