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Jennifer Pelland

I know that many people on both sides of this issue wanted me to take an early and decisive stand, but I couldn’t. I had friends on both sides, which made it incredibly difficult for me to sort out my own genuine feelings from the feelings of the people that I cared about. On the one side was a magazine that I loved and which had done incredible things for my career, headed by an editor who had never been anything but kind and supportive to me. On the other side were friends who asked to have their stories removed from the Helix archives and were subjected to extremely unprofessional treatment in response by that same editor.

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Vaughan Stanger

Like everyone else published here, I was appalled by Williams Sanders’
comments. After giving the matter some thought, I decided not to
withdraw my story from Helix, because both parties entered into a fair
contractual arrangement. I have, however, donated the payment I received
to “Love Music Hate Racism” (a British anti-racist organisation).
Needless to say, I will have nothing further to do with Helix while
Williams Sanders is editor.

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